Michael Schumacher’s Moments

At his peak Michael Schumacher was unrivalled in the world of Formula 1.Schumacher retired in November 2012 holding every major statistical benchmark –  the most world titles (7), wins (91), poles (68), fastest laps (77) and races  won in a single season (13).

Schumacher was far from loved by all due to his win at all costs attitude, earning him as many enemies as fans, but it was this biting edge that gave him the quality that all true champions require.

On Friday, Schumacher remained in an induced coma in Grenoble after brain  surgery following an accident while skiing off piste with his 14-year-old son  Mick in France.

His condition remains critical but stable and yesterday F1 supporters traveled from far and wide to pay their respects in a silent vigil, on his 45th birthday, outside the hospital where he is currently being treated.

Sport 4 Thought would like to continue the theme by allowing a set of ten images we felt were most memorable from the German’s glittering career do the talking.

25 Aug 1991: Michael Schumacher makes his F1 debut during the Belgian Formula One Grand Prix for Jordan-Ford.

27 March 1994: Michael Schumacher wins the Brazilian Grand Prix.

1995: Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher collide controversially during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

22 October 1995: Schumacher is lifted by his team after winning the Japanese Grand Prix and a second world championship.

29 Mar 1996: Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari at the start of the 1996 season, which would turn out to be the most glittering career in F1 history.

8 Sep 1996: He quickly became a hit after winning a stunning race in Italy.

12 October 1997: Michael Schumacher after one of his many famous wins in Japan.

19 August 2001: It all gets a bit too much after winning in Hungary and claiming a fourth title.

19 August 2001: It all gets a bit too much after winning in Hungary and claiming a fourth title.

25 January 2010: Schumacher’s second coming came with Nico Rosberg – his new Mercedes team-mate.

 Written by Dom Wallace

Sport 4 Thought