Beckham Waddles Away


As everyone sang the praises of David Beckham on the announcement of his retirement, one Chris Waddle took the opportunity to bizarrely claim that the footballing legend would not even make the top 1,000 Premier League players.

“I would say he has been a good player, I wouldn’t put him down as a great. You can go down a list of players from the Premier League or the 70s or 80s, whatever you want to do. I’ll be honest, Beckham probably wouldn’t be in the first 1,000.”


I personally think he’d make 99% of people’s Top 10 English players.

I mean, come on, this is England we are talking about. One World Cup in the last 47 years hardly showcases an abundance of talent. Sure, he had no pace, never beat a man and made probably THE most famous faux pas of English footballing history versus Argentina during France ’98, but that’s entirely the point. When talking about English footballers, there are few who are considered out and out world class talent, so you have to take other factors into account. And when it comes to Becks there was nobody before or since who has worn the shirt with more passion – not to mention scored some pretty crucial goals (GREECE *cough cough).

Even if Waddle was referring to all players who have played in the English leagues and therefore opening up a whole whirlpool of foreign talent, Beckham would still be in the top 50 as the ultimate dead-ball specialist and best crosser of the ball world football has ever witnessed. 

But who am I to question the almighty Chris Waddle?

The man with the meanest mullet in world footballing history, a glittering two song duet career with non other than Glenn Hoddle and a CV boasting clubs such as Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympique de Marseille, Sheffield Wednesday, Falkirk and Bradford City, Sunderland, Burnley and Torquay United, deserves to be listened to.

Or not. You decided.

In the meantime, David Beckham, you utter legend, we at Sport 4 Thought pay homage to your glittering career and faultless display of true sportsmanship and courage both on and off the field.

Oh how those Goldenballs will be sorely missed.

Written by Dominic Wallace

Sport 4 Thought